Thursday, December 6, 2007

December - The Day Before Pearl Harbor Day

I am at school. I am "teaching." I am not slacking off because my students are working on their finals and I am typing this in between jumping up and helping them put out their fires. So I am doing this while on call. Had to get that out of the way first.

Meredith was waxing eloquent and philosophical the other day in a cab on the way to the shoot on Allen and Delancey. We had just consumed a whole Tony Clifton pizza between us from 2 Boots and I was talking about the horror of it all. She sincerely and vociferously defended pizza as a food, as a snack, as a cure-for-what-ails-you, and as a way of life. She meant it. She said some brilliant things, but I did not have time to transcribe them verbatim, a la Herodotus, so they are lost forever. No mind, the thought was enough, and I was privileged enough to have witnessed it.

The shoots are going well. The outdoor one was not perfect - it was very cold and the light was poor - but we can re-purpose that. The other ones have been going really well and we are excited as we begin to cobble together this, our first real narrative feature.

We are running ourselves to the bone. We are solving problems right and left - audio issues, post-production workflow issues, people issues and we are now in the tiring, but immensely satisfying shooting process. We feel grateful to be living the dream, as a little dog whispered the other day in front of the abandoned Gristedes.

More later. We love you all.

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