Saturday, August 23, 2008

"I don't think we need those middle dots there..."

So, we're doing sound, if you hadn't guessed already. And we learned something about sound from our awesome new sound guy. He taught us the word "diegetic" and also taught us the proper name of a technique that we've been using for a while: automating sound levels.

We have always called it "dotting," for reasons left unsaid, but all too obvious to anyone who has ever worked in a timeline interface.

Anyway, we are really loving Quesadilla, aka "not Blavatsky," previously called "The System," also called "Gaming the System," briefly known as "The Rules of Make-Believe" or "People Playing Games" and now, finally, officially calle {drum roll}

"Game Theory"

We love you all.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Remembrance of titles lost

We had a lot of good post titles but we forgot them. Unfortunately we have not remembered them yet.

This is Meredith writing today on behalf of 13 bit. Today we are meeting with Greg the sound guy. Hopefully Greg can fix some of the issues with a few of our clips, such as the echo in the clip of "Clay" talking to "Cory" in the bathroom.

We have also been composing and recording various pieces with the Analog Orchestra as well as a cellist and a pianist.

Hmmmmm - other than that - rendering HD is time consuming, it took us 8 hrs to render the movie yesterday (73 minutes) . Paul is going to build a computing grid.

13Bit is also a group on facebook now, join one join all.

This post is approved by Paulv.

Monday, August 11, 2008

We Do Our Best Work In Two Hours or Less

From mashup re-edits to complete musical compositions to whole scenes scripted from the ether to monumental, world-beating tour-de-force brainstorms, we do it all, and we often do our best work in two hours or less. Sometimes five minutes or less.

Not to say there is no effort. Those two hours are built upon decades of pain, work and suffering...

That's right.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Just Because It's Bad Doesn't Mean It's Bad

Or, today's lesson in musical aesthetics.

"Just because it's bad doesn't mean it's bad."

"True, it's an aesthetic."

"Then again, maybe it really is bad."

This is how we work

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Blog About Anything

Today BIG MER is at the helm of the super bitter.

"What do I blog about?" I asked Paul. "Blog about anything" Paul replied.

So, today I am going to blog about process...

Project Quesadilla AKA Not Blavatsky is almost complete. Last week was color correction. We discovered Color Finesse and it changed out lives. Although we have to spend hrs rendering the movie. This week is sound. First, we are listening to the recordings that we made of our musicians Amy and Allison. Second, we are going to add the sound to the movie. Third, we are going hiring sound designer to give us a professional sheen.

Then we are done ! Viva Las Vegas (that is from the movie)

Monday, August 4, 2008

You Can't Eat It

So, it turns out that Meredith and each have this fantasy - one of my many backup plans to living in the desert in a concrete bunker and raising goats with Elko while I am waiting for my mail order bride to arrive - we each have this fantasy of becoming an organic food farmer upstate.

I know, I know, how banal can you get. What kind of sheep are we? Who's reading the New Yorker lately? Yes, I know, but it's a pleasant, escapist thought while enduring the rocks and horrors of life in Manhattan sometimes.

Anyway, I was just mentioning this and Meredith said "It's honest work, at least." in its defense. I countered with "So is what we do," meaning the business of 13Bit. To which she replied, "Yes, but you can't eat it."

Get it?

Anyway, maybe we can go upstate and grow organic films.

Note to selves: A Russian morality play titled "Everybody In My Family Dies of Heart Attacks."