Thursday, June 17, 2010

Salt Bomb

I hope that the NSA does not tag this post because I have included the word bomb in the title. That title refers to the meal that Paul and I ate yesterday at Barbuto. Barbuto is a very tasty place to eat - however we suffered from a salt overdose due to the tasty but salty potatoes. We are heaving into shooting our latest (3rd) feature documentary. We are in stealth mode - so I cant tell you what its about. However it is very compelling!

We are trying to salvage the water footprint documentary footage - perhaps next time we are out west we will shoot a dried up river valley or something. I wish we could use the footage from 'Chinatown' (the movie not the place) -but then hollywood would sue our asses.

We are also hard at work at lowbudgetlegends. And we are in the midst of editing an interview with a one of our favorite low budget legends Manny Kirchheimer

As we always say, we need to blog more - till next time.

This is a shitty blog post. I know. I have been in a dark mood for months. It is not mental chatter in my head just a sort of dark veil over my life. Paul says I need to go to more bikram yoga - so we are knocking off yoga so I can do a 4pm yoga.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A nice quiet room

That's what this blog feels like sometimes. We know that the occasional person drifts through - hell, even WE drift through on occasion - but, for the most part, it's a quiet, clean, spacious room, maybe one with huge floor-to-ceiling arches opening onto the sea. Birds fly in and out. The waves crash on the beach. A tray with a pitcher of cool lemon water sits in the corner, next to the blogging desk and the quill pen knife.

We pop in occasionally, write a little snapshot of 13BIT life, usually about what we eat while editing or some other such interesting morsel, or "bit," as it were. Then we leave and go about our bittness.

That bidness today includes sending the Bit-Rocket into low-level orbit towards El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles de la Porciúncula.

We're off to collect some interviews of collectors.