Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fare-thee-well HK

I am not leaving yet - but I am preparing to leave in 2 days. I still have some odds and ends to take care of, some tscatchies to buy, some massages to have, some fried mutton to eat (YUM!). Today I passed my Series 7, which means that when I get fired it will not be because I failed my series 7. It also means that when 13Bit launches the House of Bit Fund, ahhh - I really dont know what it means for that - (I did not do well on the rules and regulations portion of the exam). However, I really did not think I was going to pass, and when I saw my passing score with all its glory, I gave a yelp and tried to hi - five the proctor. When I left the admin said, she had never seen anyone so happy in the test center.

Well that is how we roll at the House of Bit. Now I cant wait to get back to bitting so the world can experience the greatness that is 13BIT.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Grateful Bit

I too am grateful for the multi-talented, multi-faceted, creative bit torrent that is Big Paul. I am wrapping up my final week in the Orient - where I have created 16 discount curves, calculated numerous fx forwards, swap rates, cross currency swaps, and basis swaps and other things involving things far removed from actual money.

I am finishing up my week by studying for a finra exam - which I put off for so long that I got an email from compliance. I hate tests.

Hopefully we can mine this for a film. I am homesick f - and sick of Huinese chicken. I want some salad.

I cant wait to order some snice, bourbon street, even pick up some magnolia - Paul - it is all on me - in off balance sheet transactions

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Like a breath of clean, Manhattan air...

It's blog posts such as the one directly below that make me proud and grateful to have Big Mer as my business and creative partner in 13BIT Productions.

There's a lot going on in that dream and, while we don't have a medical plan yet, and certainly not one that covers psychotherapy, I am earnestly looking forward to:

1. Explaining and explicating everything in that dream for you over our next cup of coffee and a muffin from S'nice.

2. Plotting how to mine as much of that dream's material as possible for loading into the Superbitter mill.

3. Getting back to bitting.

I am back in the compound and, whether the fever and phlegm have actually abated or not - and it was truly a blow-your-nose-every-five-minutes kind of plane ride, it is SO GOOD to be back home that I feel better anyway.

Now, I must get to bed with Elko.


Blog After Me

This morning I received an email from Big Paul- telling me to repeat some affirmations and then blog.

I am going to blog about the very strange dream I had last night Years ago I worked for a company called DPG, a production company. It was bought by IDT, the phone company, because the president of IDT wanted to make a movie called Yankee Irving. While I was at DPG/IDT the entire animation staff was outsourced to Canada, and most everyone else was fired. The story of DPG is much more colorful, but it might be in another movie -so I wont go into details.

My dream: Last night I dreamt DPG bought the bank where I work. When I heard that my bank was bought - I quit. But when I realized the bank was bought by my old friends at DPG, I feverishly attempted to get my job back. (I also came to realize that since I had quit, I had forfeited my bonus or severence) This is all in the dream. So I am in this room waiting to talk to someone who can give me my job back and I see all my co workers - who are there to take over the bank. They are all happy to see me. We were all on good terms. Then I start pitching 13Bit movies - and that generates some interest. We start bantering, start discussing making more movies... Then I awoke...

I will be back bitting in less than a week.

Big Phlegm Bird

I am carefully gathering up my possessions, walking around this hotel room - my prison for the past two days - gingerly, blowing my nose every minute and husbanding my strength for the 12 hour journey I am about to take.

I have had a 102 fever for the past two days and been unable to attend the screenings I came out here for, unfortunately. I am tamping down the temperature with aspirin now and some poor soul is going to sit next to me on the Chicago to Newark leg. If they are as hypochondriacal as I, I truly feel sorry for them in advance. Who knows? Maybe it'll be some hot chick who's into guys oozing phlegm, with blistered noses from too many kleenex, runny eyes and a feverish pallor. Such women must exist, right? Alas, I would not be able to satisfy her forever as I am probably already on the mend.

Anyway, I am about to pack up the rental car, drive the 60 miles to Albuquerque, wait at the airport for the 2.5 hour flight. Wait in Chicago for 2 hours, then take the 2.5 hour flight to NYC and home, aka "Fun City," "Gotham," "Domicile of the Snouted One," and more.

Wish me luck.

The good news is that I will almost certainly be done with my winter cold and ready to finish this screenplay whenever Meredith returns from the far East.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Greetings From the West

"Fried Rice" used to be my street name. Did I ever tell you that, 6.5?

Well, possibly not, but it sounds cool, doesn't it?

I am in Denver International Airport, waiting on a long layover for the big bird to take me to San Jose and then points south, north, west and east.

I don't love hanging out in airports, but WiFi eases the wait a bit considerable much, as they say in the bayou. Well, possibly not, but it sounded interesting, didn't it?

I wish I could get some fried rice right now, but the only things here are a Quiznos Sub, an Auntie Ame pretzel shot, the everpresent Hudson News - perhaps I should get some Immodium just for the hell of it - a Pizza Hut and some shitty-looking yogurt joint. I think I'll eat in Santa Cruz.

I clearly have nothing to say, except "aloha" and "later."