Thursday, June 28, 2007

Quick Bit

Today we stretched our canvases for snice. They look hot! I am very excited dot com. Paul is saying "I know you(Meredith) are back when you have 50 tabs open (in firefox)." Yes I like tabs. Paul is now giving me some flashlight show and tell. He has a flashlight that blinds people and then can be used as a weapon.

It is hot and our brains are melted. But hopefully they will become solidified for our final lumia push!

that is quick bits - we love you all

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

House of Bit Dusts Itself Off For Bitness

We only have two days to work this week - between my return and Meredith's annual 4th of July mega-bash, which has menu preparations like I have never seen before - we will not really get up a good head of steam until next week, BUT, that being said, the Bit House is open and we are preparing for the summer season.

We are using these two days for our show at S'nice, which features truly gorgeous, large-format prints on canvas. We entered "Video Out" into another festiva because we would love to go to Greece this December. We are planning and plotting on the "Lumia" end-game, the final shoot which we decided we must do in order to streamline the film, then one quick shoot at the Whitney.

Then we finish editing, do the color correction, sound and titles, the endless PR and promotional preparations, then hit the festival circuit. It's a mundane part of the business, but it's satisfying in its own way.

And after that, we begin the narrative feature.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

6.5 Bits

6.5 Bits here keeping Gotham safe. There is always a void in The City when the full 13Bits are separated and only 6.5 bits remain - or even worse 0 bits.

But a division of bits lets the individual bits meditate and grow strong. It lets them pose deep questions to themselves without the constraints of producing an answer.

Questions like:

1) If NYC was flooded by a hurricane could one canoe up the Hudson river. With a dog?

2) Why did the Anasazi leave hand prints on the walls of the grand canyon? And more importantly why did they disappear?

3) Why is Finnish a linguistic isolate? Is it a language brought to earth by benevolent space creatures?

4) What does a 1/10 of a second feel like?

You O patient reader are welcome to ponder on these eternal questions as well - as we wait for the reunion of 13Bits.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

On The Road

Oh how I miss the House of Bit.

We, the people of Bitland cannot live happily without our great, esteemed, benign Bit, the great entity that shines on our lives and illuminates all the dark corners of our otherwise meager corporeal existence. The desert is nothing compared to Bit. The sky is small with no Bit. The mighty Pacific is a puddle next to Bit.

My tribe - all two of us out here - prays for a safe return to the Land of Bit.

Great Bit Gods, please grant us safe passage back through these mighty States of America as we make our way home to the House of Bit!