Sunday, May 20, 2007

People Will Accept Anything If It's Before the Titles

So we had our other showing today. Part of me wishes we hadn't done it, but ultimately I am glad that we did. It confirmed what we have been thinking the past two screenings: that we need to make a few larger changes. The trick in this life is to remain flexible. We could release this almost the way it is now and it would be a good movie, but we got very good feedback today and are going to incorporate some of it.

Cordy suggested a narrator - someone to give us a meta-view before the story really starts. A bit like the rule of journalism to "tell them what they're about to see, tell them while they're seeing it, then tell them afterward what they just saw." Well, not exactly like that, but something similar. While we do not want to underestimate the viewer's intelligence and we are not afraid of making them work, we also don't want them sitting around and wondering about certain things when it would be equally easy for us to tell them early on.

So the questions we are grappling with today are to use a narrator or ourselves. Meredith is *adamant* about us doing not using one. And, while I am proud that we have so far managed to make this movie and the last without having to resort to the crutch of a narrator, I am still not certain this is the way to go. At the same time, our doing it enables us to inject some things into the film that we could not in any other way.

Another question is where do we put it, hence the title of this post. She is starting to read over my shoulder, so I am going to post and finish this later.

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