Thursday, June 14, 2007

6.5 Bits

6.5 Bits here keeping Gotham safe. There is always a void in The City when the full 13Bits are separated and only 6.5 bits remain - or even worse 0 bits.

But a division of bits lets the individual bits meditate and grow strong. It lets them pose deep questions to themselves without the constraints of producing an answer.

Questions like:

1) If NYC was flooded by a hurricane could one canoe up the Hudson river. With a dog?

2) Why did the Anasazi leave hand prints on the walls of the grand canyon? And more importantly why did they disappear?

3) Why is Finnish a linguistic isolate? Is it a language brought to earth by benevolent space creatures?

4) What does a 1/10 of a second feel like?

You O patient reader are welcome to ponder on these eternal questions as well - as we wait for the reunion of 13Bits.

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