Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"I Hope I Get Paid Well For Being Abused"

Meredith said this last night. She said something else very funny the night before and something really true, but unpublishable tonight. Well, maybe it's not true. Anyway, what prompts all of this deep thinking? Sitting around and diligently reading many, many acting resumes and other info while casting.

The "being abused" part is about something else, not related to 13bit, but it's all about life, isn't it?

We need to redo the text on Lumia. We have our hands full with Project Quesadilla, creatively and technically. We are also wanting to work on "Letters to My Shrink."

What can I say? We have all four burners cooking. Elko is sleeping in the other room. Wow, we really need to find a midget.

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Unknown said...

In honor of your hard work and dedication on this new project, I had a quesadilla for lunch! Your upcoming film promises to be delicious.