Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"Budgets are for people who have cash flow."

Meredith and I were just talking about the mechanics of filmmaking, how filmmaking is taught these days, and how WE make films.

We don't get caught up in things like detailed treatments and budgets. Not that we don't lay things out, not that we don't make plans, not that we are not responsible with our time, our ideas or our money.

But we don't sit about wasting time making detailed budgets. If we were perennial grantseekers, perhaps, but we're not. We are, at the present time, low-budget filmmakers who finance ourselves. If we need equipment, we buy it. If we were to hire someone to do field sound, well, we'd hire them. We don't need to lay it all out on paper.

We save our spreadsheets for things like casting, scheduling, how Meredith and her boyfriend are going to plan their Thanksgiving meal like a military campaign - THESE are the things that we use spreadsheets for.

Not minor things like budgets.

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