Friday, December 28, 2007

Life After Bit

Well, not really; there is no life after Bit. But there is life between bitting, which is what I'm doing at the moment. Getting lost in Brooklyn and the Bronx each night on photo missions. Catching up on long-lost writing. Reading, watching movies every night, getting my truck equipped with a deer bumper. I'll tell you what that means some other time.

And Meredith, from what I'm reading on the news wires and garnering from my sources in La Paz, Asuncion and Santiago, is brokering a global bad art non-proliferation treaty, doing rain forest research and putting out those damn fires in Tierra Del Fuego. Quite a handful, but not for a superbitter.

I am keeping the furnace stoked and the windows clean here at the House of Bit, and we resume operations in mid-January.

I must go now and take my shift at the watchpost in the Old Bit Tower.

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