Saturday, March 29, 2008

Women Do Not Sleep With Guys in Reggae Bands

Meredith was just telling me that I should start playing out with my band. We are ready to play out, but we haven't yet and that's another story. How did we end up on this topic? I was talking about maybe dating again, but wondering where you meet somebody in NYC, the eternal question, I know.

So she said we should play out, to which I responded "I played out a lot with the reggae band in the late 90's. We toured around, I played at S.O.B.'s. I never met anbody." She said that women do not go with guys in reggae bands. They don't have groupies. Tell that to Bob Marley. Oh, "unless you're Bob Marley," she chimes in.

Anyway, that is something up to the universe. How does this relate to "The System," aka Project Quesadilla, aka Project HH NOT Blavatsky? Well, it means that we have the time to talk shit while we're going through outtakes, and THAT means that we're in the timeline, and THAT means that we're editing, which is a good thing. We love to edit. Anyway, that's the deal. Shooting is almost finished. We are editing like fiends for the next 6 weeks, taking a short break, then editing and doing music - in conjunction with our celebrity guest super band, and we should be done with this killa flick by 9/1, which is my birthday, which is also, by coincidence, the day that WWII started.

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