Saturday, November 8, 2008

Like a breath of clean, Manhattan air...

It's blog posts such as the one directly below that make me proud and grateful to have Big Mer as my business and creative partner in 13BIT Productions.

There's a lot going on in that dream and, while we don't have a medical plan yet, and certainly not one that covers psychotherapy, I am earnestly looking forward to:

1. Explaining and explicating everything in that dream for you over our next cup of coffee and a muffin from S'nice.

2. Plotting how to mine as much of that dream's material as possible for loading into the Superbitter mill.

3. Getting back to bitting.

I am back in the compound and, whether the fever and phlegm have actually abated or not - and it was truly a blow-your-nose-every-five-minutes kind of plane ride, it is SO GOOD to be back home that I feel better anyway.

Now, I must get to bed with Elko.


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