Monday, May 24, 2010

No more apologies

No more apologies, god damn it, for not posting. We could make a movie about the pathology of guilt, shame and inaction of not posting, but it would not be true.

We have actually been super hard at work, doing the work of Bitting. But first, a 13BIT food update:

We have been eating a lot of dark chocolate salty pretzel chocolate bars from the Chocolate Bar, on Hudson Street (and, no, we do not get any swag for our priceless references, just the joy of knowing we are spreading the word).

We have been doing smoothies still from Integral Yoga. Uh...chocolate corn chips with guacamole. Brussels sprouts from Integral, as well. Ninth Street Espresso from Chelsea Market has become a mainstay and, on our new pagan holiday of Options Expiry Day, we sometimes get ice cream from Ronnybrook Farms, also in Chelsea Market. The occasional Gobo takeout diner. 2 Boots. What's new, you ask? Not much. Why mess with a winning formula? Better to just add little bits of junk food, one thing at a time. We still miss the loss of Rue Bourbon and Miracle Grill, but life must go on, Bitting must go on, the future marches on. Which brings us to:

1. Lakshmi, aka "The Quiet Room," is a couple of days from being sent out to festivals and greater things.

2. The uber-blog "Low Budget Legends," has finally been released into the wild. You can glimpse it at

3. We have put the water footprint doc on the back burner for now, actually, we have wrapped it in foil and put it in the low-carbon footprint freezer temporarily while we are feverishly at work on another documentary, the subject of which will be revealed in the near future.

4. We have been pod-casting parts of "The Discreet Charm of the Hipster Class" to wild popular acclaim.

5. We are getting in gear to write the script for the next narrative.

6. German TV is running "Lumia"

7. We are participating in a forum in Los Angeles in the fall on visual arts, and will be doing special director chats about "Lumia" and "Video Out."

And let me tell you, people, THIS IS NO VAPORWARE! Everything is actually happening and we are very excited dot com about it all.

PLUS, 13BIT Labs is working on a few killer iPad apps.

Yes, Elko and Otto have a lot on their plates here while we are chewing on our bones and watching them work.

We promise not to take so long until the next House of Bit post.

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