Thursday, June 17, 2010

Salt Bomb

I hope that the NSA does not tag this post because I have included the word bomb in the title. That title refers to the meal that Paul and I ate yesterday at Barbuto. Barbuto is a very tasty place to eat - however we suffered from a salt overdose due to the tasty but salty potatoes. We are heaving into shooting our latest (3rd) feature documentary. We are in stealth mode - so I cant tell you what its about. However it is very compelling!

We are trying to salvage the water footprint documentary footage - perhaps next time we are out west we will shoot a dried up river valley or something. I wish we could use the footage from 'Chinatown' (the movie not the place) -but then hollywood would sue our asses.

We are also hard at work at lowbudgetlegends. And we are in the midst of editing an interview with a one of our favorite low budget legends Manny Kirchheimer

As we always say, we need to blog more - till next time.

This is a shitty blog post. I know. I have been in a dark mood for months. It is not mental chatter in my head just a sort of dark veil over my life. Paul says I need to go to more bikram yoga - so we are knocking off yoga so I can do a 4pm yoga.

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