Friday, October 19, 2007

We Live to Bit and Bit to Live

"I'm a wreck," Meredith is saying. "I've got issues."

She keeps repeating "I'm a wreck." It must have been a hard day, week and month in field where she works while we're waiting for 13bit to go triple platinum.

Life goes on, though, and Meredith is young enough, resilient enough, and hungry enough to pull through. I know that, by Sunday, the day we continue auditioning people, she'll be in top form. Unfortunately, it will also be time for a case of the Sundays, as the work week is about to dawn, and her mood will evaporate as the day progresses.

As will mine. As will mine.

That's okay, the more we bit, the more immune we become to things like work weeks, the Sundays, the Mondays, and even the concept of working for other people, in general.

It's all just temporary. The mantra of the aspiring artist. We are just passing time here while we work, keep faith, and pursue our dreams. Just for today. Tomorrow the big ship comes in. Or does it?

No matter, we here at 13Bit can swim.

And we are too far from shore to turn back.


To the tops!

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