Monday, October 22, 2007

When Is Tomorrow?

No, it's not some long-lost Sun Ra album. Nor is it a deep philosophical essay - although it *could* be, now, couldn't it? It's actually what one burnt out person says to another even-more-burnt-out person after a long evening of auditions. I had wanted to know when the first person was coming tomorrow and that's what I actually meant to say. Actually, I was looking at Meredith's Magic Spreadsheet and trying to find tomorrow, but the words came out of my mouth as "when is tomorrow," not "where is tomorrow?"

Actually, "where is tomorrow" may be even better as a philosophical question.

Some people did not show today, nor did they contact us. For them, there is no tomorrow. There is only yesterday and the howling, endless wind off the steppes of eternity. We wish them well, but not in this production which, by the way, is going well.

Until tomorrow, which never comes.


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