Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Stupid and vapid are really different."

"You can be really smart and still be vapid."

So, we're deep in edit. And you get in these rhythms while editing. It's all part of that overused, over talked-about thing these days called "process."

As such, deep in edit, a few things are going on. Elko is hanging out trying to get attention. The AC is humming, even though it's April, because it's warm out and the massive turbine-operated Macs are putting out many BTU's. The timeline is taking shape, tea is brewing, I am keeping the browsers all turned off - except for this one, of course.

And, as we always do while deep in edit - and this is a good sign of a happy edit bay with good rhythms and a healthy creative flow - we are talking shit as we work. I happened to talk about something - I cannot say what here - and Meredith happened to respond - I cannot say what about here. And we began to have a dialogue about human nature, which is what it often comes back to here in the 13BIT Agora, the temple to all things modern and philosophickal, as they may have said one day in old England while discussing ancient Greece.

I should get back to the editing before she makes some cut that I don't like and I have to straighten things out.

Happy passover, America.

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