Saturday, April 26, 2008

Are you titling that post?

Today big Paul is taking the editing wheel and I am back seat editing. Today we are tackling a particularly thorny scene, but I think it is coming together quite well.

When Paul edits he likes to de-link the audio from the video when we replace the audio with a better audio clip. I just mute the audio channel that we are replacing. The de-linking makes me very nervous. And now I think Paul does it just to drive me insane.

Paul says "in english we san unlink not de-link."

Paul's theory is that we are both mentally disabled in different ways and together we form a third way of being mentally disabled.

Another thing you should know out there in blog land is that paul and I insult each other by calling each other by the name of famous directors. Paul is now calling me Alfred - Implying that I am a fat, bald Englishman.

Also I dont understand the reference televisionland - like "Hello to everyone out there in televisionland." Shouldn't the people "out there" be in the real world, while the people on tv are in television land?

As a final note: You can't get Gonorreah from swimming in the Gowanus canal, but you can get polio, from swimming that is.
That is a reference from Quesadilla.

P.S. Gonorreah is the one word that Paul can't spell. I, personally, confuse all STDs with the sea monsters from the Odyssey.

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