Friday, May 9, 2008

Does This Look Like A Camera Bag or a Suitcase?

Do you really want to know about my day? I will not go into the whole tortured process of how I came to spend half my day indulging in my camera bag fetish - I actually needed this one, though - but I will say this:

The Pelican case looked too much like it was filled with tons of photo equipment. It worked well and fit in the truck seat, plus I'd be able to float away on it if the car ran into a flood on my upcoming road trip, so airtight are Pelican cases. The point is, I didn't want to be checking into 20 crappy motels in a row with a Pelican case, even a Pelican case that looks vaguely military.

So I went in search of a bag, but it had to be a very specific bag, one deep enough to accomodate a very deep still camera. See, I have the perfect bag, but not for the venerable D3.

Long story short: I found one that really works. No wheels, but that's why it works, size-wise. I had a moment of doubt, though, and held it up just now and asked Meredith "Does this look like a camera bag or a suitcase?"

She said "That's a blog post" so, since we hadn't posted yet today, here I sit. This is what we do while we edit.

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