Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Third Click

It all comes down to fractions of a second. Tiny fractions. Teeny rhythms and changes. Deep into the cutting here and we had a small technical discussion - it was not a dispute or an argument or anything like that - about when a cut should happen. Someone grabs a mouse and then we cut to a shot of something else. The details are unimportant beyond that.

I had a very specific idea on this one. Meredith didn't really care much either way. Sometimes it's the other way around but, in this case, I felt more strongly about it than she, so I told her to cut in on the third click. That's where the actual dispute started. I don't know what planet Meredith learned about clicking on, but I heard five and a half to her three. Anyway, I relented and realized that it was not about what her perception of the click was, but where I thought it ought to be, so I took the ball briefly on this one.

She'll probably have a strong opinion about the next cut.

It's going well.

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