Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Reflection

This is a bit more of a personal post than the usual 13BIT post, but some of it is about the 13BIT juggernaut and, since Big Mer is away and I am holding down the fort, some of it is in the long tradition of me posting maudlin stuff while she is gone.

This is the last day of my 40's. Tomorrow, universe-willing, I turn 50. So, what has happened to me during the last ten years?

I started out my 40's with a cat and am ending them with a dog, both dear, sweet special creatures.

I began my 40's with both parents and they are now both gone. I was lucky to have had them.

Ten years ago, I had a gas-guzzling Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Now I have a gas-guzzling Ford Econoline, all via an economical Toyota Tacoma, all three of which I used and the last of which I continue to use to explore the U.S. and camp in the desert.

Ten years ago, I was shooting mainly film, along with some very expensive, low-resolution digital cameras. Now, it's pretty much all digital with some occasional film, which costs a lot to develop.

In my forties, I became a filmmaker and won a bunch of awards, made four features and co-founded 13BIT Productions with Meredith.

Ten years ago, I was vegan. Now I will eat cheese and eggs, although still no flesh.

Got a bunch of tattoos over the last ten years. They have not done much for my single status, either, so that's another myth put to rest.

Ten years ago, I - and everyone else - had to use portable CD and cassette players to listen to music on the go. Now, aside from iPods, I have a phone that acts as my stereo, TV, computer, shopping mall, road atlas, and about thirty other functions.

I started out my 40's on Barrow Street and am ending up on Bank Street, where I started out my 30's.

The Yankees were in first place then and are in first place now.

Still a Mac guy. Still weigh the same. Still ride my bike a lot. Still read a lot.

It's been an interesting decade. Not always easy, but always interesting.

I'm still grateful for another day.

Here's to yesterday, today and tomorrow!

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this is the your best blog post ever