Tuesday, September 7, 2010

There are a million blogs started every minute

I was reading a blog that I liked and Paul said something like there are a million blogs started every minute. And I said yeah well some of them are good. The particular good blog I was reading was BookTwo http://booktwo.org/notebook/five-things/, which I found through twitter via a retweet by ubuweb - http://www.ubuweb.com -another great site (although not a blog). Ubuweb tweeted about a 1969 Jean Beaudin experimental movie that I am trying to get paul to watch -http://ubu.com/film/beaudin_vertige.html. The movie is 40 minutes and today is a short day at the compound. I have jet lag compounded by bikram induced insanity and lack of coffee - because my husband did not make me coffee this morning! I think my head will explode.

We are very busy at the compound. We are deep into production of our third doc, we have screenings of our first two docs in Nov in LA, and a screening of Video Out in Germany. We are also working on a new iPad/iPhone application for our documentaries that is looking very fantastic! And of course there is low budget legends. Right now we will post the first Nina Paley interview.

Paul just dumped some bank statement on my desk. I am the CFO of 13Bit. This comes from my extensive experience modeling Sovereign CDS.

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