Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Iron Goddess of Mercy

Today we are drinking iron goddess of mercy - tikuanyin. It is oolong tea - the finest in the world. I really like it - paul says he likes it, but it is not convincing. Paul likes black tea but is not drinking it for medical reasons. He has enough free radicals - or not enough - are free radicals bad or good. Paul and I are going to make a movie one day about free radicals and quantum entanglement - it will be a suspense thriller with lots of nudity. Just you wait

we are doing a little side movie before beginning HH (not blavatsky) we will code the name the side project Quesadilla. Paul and I were doing word associations and came up with that one after american flag, apple pie.

Paul just gave me a lovely little book called "Novels in three lines" by Felix Feneon:
Here is a novel:

"Severely burned -- her skirt cought on fire -- Leonie Lefevre, 10, of Saint-Maur, died in Trousseau."

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