Monday, August 6, 2007

That Sound Edit Train Keeps On Rolling Along

Meredith is saying "I like the mouse."

I say "Oh yeah?"

She says "The keyboard is nice, but I really like the mouse. And you know what? I'd love to have kind of foot device I can operate, maybe at work."

And so it goes. This is a typical sound editing session. In the background, we are de-essing old Otto Piene. We are normalizing Mr. Glicksman. And we are plain old loving Chris Sidenius and his background waterfall which is impossible to get rid of. "Hell, it's a documentary," one of us will say whenever it becomes too impossible to fix some particularly egregious sonic disaster.

For the most part, though, it's going well. We are ploughing along. Just signed up for our third project on, and we'll be getting our promotional materials into shape soon.

Bit by bit by bit, thirteen times, to be exact.

Good thing we did not get the duck nachos tonight that they were trying to sell me at Miracle Grill. "Took nachos?" I would say.

"Duke nachos" he said.


"Duke nachos."



"Oh, DUCK nachos." I finally understood. "No thanks, I don't eat duck."

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