Thursday, August 9, 2007

People Find Cross Fades Magical

"What are we going to blog about today?" Meredith asks me.

"My shoulder hurts. What did I do? When will it end?" That's where *I'm* at. Well, not really. I'm as into the final cutting as she is, and we are getting close. It's funny how you can keep making edits every time you go through a version of something. The tweaking never ends. But that's as it should be. How could anyone trust themselves to be absolutely certain of every last thing they create? Yes, it happens sometimes, but I am much more suspicious of certainty than I am of "What do you think of that?" or "Do you like the way this looks?"

Anyway, my shoulder hurts. A wound I suffered in the Spanish Civil War many years ago, long before I invented the personal computer.

We had a long discussion about a particular graphic asset and the length of the cross fade. Meredith used to be adamantly opposed to any cross-fading, but I have slowly swayed her to the beauty of the occasional cross fade, just as she has convinced me of the beauty of the occasional freeze frame, something I had adamantly opposed. Who cares about this arcance detailing of our process? Well, we do, for one.

Anyway, my shoulder still hurts. Did I mention that already? Anyway, we are making progress. We are in good shape. We are going to wait until the new version of Encore shows up before we make the DVD. Horror upon horrors, but we like it better than DVD Studio Pro, which we have used in the past.

Anyway, we're listening to words in Danish that we do not understand. That's an inside thing that you'll get when you watch the movie.

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