Sunday, October 19, 2008

Greetings from the Middle Kingdom.

Hello followers of bit. Meredith here writing from Hong Kong, China SAR. I am here on a super secret mission to prevent the collapse of the asian financial system. Am I too late? Paul and I are trying a new 13bit working method. While I am in HK, Paul is road tripping across the US and we are going to be podcast, vodcasting, and writing for one of our screenplays code named Chow Fun aka Baguette aka not Venezuela. (We are going to continue writing Venezuela when 13Bit is in one room)

Anyway I am taking up Muay Thai kickboxing. And it is going to make me super buff (even more buff than Kung Fu). That will further enable me to eat more cupcakes when 13Bit reunites ... and cupcakes are the fuel of the bit.

Ong Bak

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