Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Headquarters Has Received Your Transmission

And now, 6.5, we are contemplating putting the galactic engines to sleep, closing down the Gravitron Beam and all of the other vital equipment, and taking an extended mission in the OmniTaco Expedition Ship, young Sinbad and I. A few more things must fall into place, then the ionic ice storms pelting down on the middle zones have to ease up, and then, possibly, we can break through the zone and find our way to the western galaxies. We shall see.

In the meantime, nothing has changed here, aside from the occasional piece of bad 13Bit spam or the temptation to indulge in chipatosis. It is strangely quiet here in the orbiting compound. The ghosts of older ideas keep bouncing off the walls, like bats whose sonar has gone bad, but they are pleasant enough company, and await their turn to come to life.

The 13BIT Mailroom may shut down by Friday. After that, we'll attempt to make planet-fall at the Santa Fe System eventually.

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